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I am a Computational Scientist with 10+ years of conducting academic research in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering across different length scales (from atomic to macro), focusing on nanoscale Tribology and Metal Forming, by means of Molecular Dynamics/Statics, Density Functional Theory, Crystal Plasticity, and Finite Element Method, as well as experienced in data analysis using Artificial Intelligence tools, namely Optimization, Machine Learning, and Artificial Neural Networks.

I am continuously and eagerly working on learning new techniques to broaden my knowledge. I have expanded my network of collaborators to both industry (Philips) and material scientists at Saarland University (Germany) and Deakin University (Australia). I am a critical thinker, yet open-minded and easy to adapt to new cultures. I am a straightforward person with good interpersonal skills and proven supervising and coaching skills (10+ bachelor and master projects).


Postdoctoral Researcher (2017-now)

UPSIM (2021-2023): Joining the Optimization and Decision Systems (ODS) at UG, in collaboration with Advanced Production Engineering (APE), I am working on skin modeling within the ITEA3 UPSIM project.

CFD & FSI (2021): Joining the Sensors and Smart Systems at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, I worked on elementary studies on sensor modeling.

VMAP (2017-2020): Joining the Computational Mechanics and Materials Engineering (CMME) at UG, I worked on multiscale material modeling within the ITEA3 VMAP project. In this project, I created a virtual lab for performing mechanical tests on sheet metals’ digital replicas to bridge the gap between micromechanical models and finite element analyses by means of artificial neural networks.

Research Assistant (2006-2017)

I conducted research for PhD on nanotribology investigations (Sep 2013-Jul 2017) at the University of Groningen, MSc on melting and solidification phenomena at the atomic scale (Sep 2008-Jan 2011) at Sharif University of Technology, and BSc on describing flow stress of metals during thermomechanical processes (Sep 2006-Mar 2008) at Shiraz University.

Experiences and skills: