My theses

  1. PhD, Nanotribology investigations with classical molecular dynamics, Sep 2013-Jul 2017

  2. MSc, Molecular dynamics simulation of thin film growth and nucleation processes of rapid solidification of aluminum in nano-scale

  3. BSc, Simulation of multi-pass stress-strain curves for designing a hot rolling line

Proposed & (co-)supervised


  1. Skin modeling (L. Tenbohlen), Apr 2021-current

  2. Investigation of hydrocarbon molecules during flow on rough and atomically flat surfaces (M. Kamps), Sep 2016-Jun 2017

  3. Characterization of surfaces generated at the atomic scale (J.N.B. Huisman), Feb 2016-Feb 2017

  4. Free surface roughening due to multi-stage cold forming (P.J. Halbertsma), Oct 2015-Apr 2016

  5. Stick-slip motion in boundary lubrication (S. Zhou), Apr-Aug 2015

  6. Modeling the forging process at Henkel Scheemda (R. de Groene), Feb-Sep 2015

  7. Molecular dynamics simulation for DLC deposition (B. Ammerlaan), Jan 2014-Mar 2015


  1. Multiscale simulation of metal forming (F.M. Verwijs), Feb-Jun 2019

  2. Mechanical behavior of Cu-Ni core-shell nanowires (F.H. Braaksma), Feb-Jun 2019

  3. Design and optimization of an artificial neural network for constitutive modelling to determine stress under hot work (A.F. Lindemann), Sep 2018-Jan 2019

  4. Validating a surface roughness model using FEM (M. Kamps), Sep 2014-Jan 2015


  1. Internship in Akhshan Industrial and Manufacturing Company, Shiraz, Iran, Summer 2007. [in Farsi]

    • In this internship, I performed two projects, suggested and proposed by myself:

    1. Two scrap strip designs, Die Design Unit

    2. An investigation on the heat-treatment processes, Engineering Unit