• December 22, Upon completing all requirements (78 training hours) of the Live Well Wellness Global Coach Training program (60 hours of ACSTH training), Workplace Options granted me to be a certified wellness coach.

  • December 5, (literature) I finished translating two Japanese short stories by "Akutagawa Ryūnosuke".

  • September 23, (literature) I compiled a collection of my own poems called "four-season blanket".

  • September 26, My master's student presented and defended her work on "Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Constitutive Models for Finite Element Simulations of Human Skin Behavior Validated by Experimental Measurements".

  • August 9, I obtained the certificate for the specialization "Image Processing for Engineering and Science".

  • August 8, (Academic publication) I published a peer-reviewed paper in Modelling (MDPI), titled "Revisiting the common practice of Sellars and Tegart's hyperbolic sine constitutive model". I had self-published its draft version previously in ResearchGate on 8 October 2021.

  • February - March, (Academic services) I lectured the bachelor course "Mechanics for IEM (WBIE024-05)", FSE, UG, Groningen, the Netherlands.



  • October 8, (Academic publication) The paper "A verified solution of friction factor in compression test based on its sample's shape changes" has been published in International Journal of Mechanical Sciences: (pre-proof version)

  • September 20, (literature) I wrote a short memoir on the meaning of love.

  • August 10, (literature) I e-published a collection of Nezami's ghazals.

  • August 6, (literature) I translated "In quarantine".

  • July 6, (literature) I translated "Time in a bottle".

  • July 5, (Academic publication) The paper "FlexMM: A standard method for material descriptions in FEM" has been published in Advances in Engineering Software:

  • May 4, (literature) I finished writing a short story called: "Samar, Monir, Hamid, Leila, Samar." The story is about a sick woman left alone due to covid19 pandemic.

  • April 28, (propositions) I wrote my 6th proposition as a reflection on this comparison: "knowledge versus wealth." Assuming that this comparison has its root in Plato's theory of forms, it can be approached only with a method that acknowledges the theory of forms. Moreover, if such a comparison can be devised via a school of thought that disregards the Plato's theory of forms, then they should be considered as two separate comparisons, even if the same exact wording is used for expressing both.

  • April 15, (music) I released "Spring's Echo". This is my first attempt in this electronic genre.

  • April 7, (music) I released "Pivot".

  • Mar 20, (music) I released "Gole Pooneh", which is based on an Iranian folk song ("Gole Pamchal"). The work is dedicated to all, who we lost last year. (Voice: Azadeh Rahimi)

  • Mar 10, (literature) I translated "A love before time".

  • Feb 29, (literature) I translated "The sword & the Pen", a song by Regina Spektor [Far (2009)].

  • Jan 6, (literature) I finished writing my first novella: Monday.

  • Jan 1, I launched this website (hosted by and moved from my previous one on