• October 8, (Academic publication) I published a paper in ResearchGate, titled "Revisiting the common practice of Sellars and Tegart's hyperbolic sine constitutive model" (

  • September 17, (Academic publication) I published "Hot Deformation Fitting Tool (HDFT)" in GitHub. The code is written in MATLAB 9, and is released under under the terms of the GNU GPLv3 license. The code can be found in (doi:10.5281/zenodo.5226216).

  • August 5, (literature) I published a Persian translation of the short story "Bee Honey" by Banana Yoshimoto on IGTV, narrated by Azadeh.

  • August 1, I started to work at RUG as a postdoctoral research associate, working on skin modeling, within the UPSIM project.

  • April 5, I started to use a personal domain name:

  • March 3, I was honored to become a topic editor for the journal Lubricants, published by MDPI.

  • February 14, (literature) I wrote a short story "Theme: failed", although the English translation does not correctly describe the meaning. The story is about an online exam of a creative writing course.

  • February 2, I launched my blog on Medium and wrote my first post about my attempts at solving Kaggle’s Titanic — Machine Learning from Disaster.

  • January 1, I started my new position as a postdoctoral research associate at the institute of engineering in Hanze UAS Groningen.


  • October 8, (Academic publication) The paper "A verified solution of friction factor in compression test based on its sample's shape changes" has been published in International Journal of Mechanical Sciences: (pre-proof version)

  • September 20, (literature) I wrote a short memoir on the meaning of love.

  • August 10, (literature) I e-published a collection of Nezami's ghazals.

  • August 6, (literature) I translated "In quarantine".

  • July 6, (literature) I translated "Time in a bottle".

  • July 5, (Academic publication) The paper "FlexMM: A standard method for material descriptions in FEM" has been published in Advances in Engineering Software:

  • May 4, (literature) I finished writing a short story called: "Samar, Monir, Hamid, Leila, Samar." The story is about a sick woman left alone due to covid19 pandemic.

  • April 28, (propositions) I wrote my 6th proposition as a reflection to this comparison: "knowledge versus wealth." Assuming that this comparison has its root in Plato's theory of forms, it can be approached only with a method that acknowledges the theory of forms. Moreover, if such a comparison can be devised via a school of thought that disregards the Plato's theory of forms, then they should be considered as two separate comparisons, even if the same exact wording is used for expressing both.

  • April 15, (music) I released "Spring's Echo". This is my first attempt in this electronic genre.

  • April 7, (music) I released "Pivot".

  • Mar 20, (music) I released "Gole Pooneh", which is based on an Iranian folk song ("Gole Pamchal"). The work is dedicated to all, who we lost last year. (Voice: Azadeh Rahimi)

  • Mar 10, (literature) I translated "A love before time".

  • Feb 29, (literature) I translated "The sword & the Pen", a song by Regina Spektor [Far (2009)].

  • Jan 6, (literature) I finished writing my first novella: Monday.

  • Jan 1, I launched this website (hosted by and moved from my previous one in